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Team Krank

2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Testimonial “Krank Golf® Drivers in my opinion are the best Driver heads in our sport. They have helped me reduce my spin rate along with providing the trajectory that I am looking for. Their … Continue reading

Testimonial Before World Champion: “I hit Krank for one reason. Its the best Driver Company in Golf, period. The Krank Rage is the longest, straightest driver, ever created. There is a reason why the longest hitters in the world hit … Continue reading

Testimonial “Krank golf is the leader in distance among all Driver manufacturers. No other can boast to 4 consecutive remax world long drive championships in the open division, and no other can perform to the expectations that krank golf builds. … Continue reading

Testimonial I’ve been hitting Krank Drivers for almost 2 years now and I must say that there isn’t a driver on the market that can produce the ball speeds that the Krank Rage and Krank Rage Black do. It has … Continue reading

Testimonial “There is no question that the Krank® Drivers have increased my distance, enabling me to be a three-time World Champion in long drive in the age division in which I compete.” Rick Barry Height: 6” 8” Weight: 228 lbs … Continue reading

Testimonial “I absolutely love hitting Krank drivers!! I’ve done countless hours of club head testing on Trackman and Flightscope over the last 4 years and nothing compares to the Krank Rage. I have complete confidence in my equipment when stepping … Continue reading

Testimonial “Since Worlds 2010, I have been hitting Krank drivers, and haven’t looked back since. They are by far the Longest hitting Driver heads on the planet, for not just long drive but on the course as well. Why hit … Continue reading

Testimonial “After switching to the Krank Rage driver in 2011 I had one of the best years I have have in this sport. Winning the Ontario district championship, winning the Mile high shootout which was one of the strongest fields … Continue reading

Testimonial “I started using the Krank Driver in the summer of 2011. It’s is the best performing, looking, and feeling driver I have ever hit. I’ve hit everything on the market, and this is by far the best performing driver. … Continue reading

Testimonial “By hitting Krank drivers I have added distance and accuracy to my drives. At impact, the ball noticeably jumps off the face compared to other drivers that I have used in the past. By far the longest and most … Continue reading

Testimonial “From when I first hit Krank Heads, they made my hands faster, my club head speed increased by 6mph and my ball speed 10mph.” Trent Scruggs Height: 5” 10” Weight: 195 lbs What Trent Hits Krank Formula 5 – … Continue reading

Testimonial “There is no question that the Krank® Drivers have increased my distance, given me higher ball-speed and less spin. There is no question about it. That it help me become, the World Powergolf Matchplay Champion 2012 and Swedish champion … Continue reading

Lance Reader Height: 6’3’’ Weight: 195lbs What Lance Reader hits Formula 5 Driver – 6 Degree Fujikura Intertia LT – X Flex 46.5 inches Statistics Highest swing speed recorded: 145 mph Highest ball speed recorded: 205 mph Longest competitive drive: … Continue reading

What Brooks Hits Krank Formula 5 – 6 Degree Statistics Highest swing speed recorded: 158 mph Highest ball speed recorded: 220 mph Longest competitive drive: 449 yards Longdrive Accomplishments 2010, 2009, 2008 RE/MAX World Long Drive Finalist 2nd Place 2008 … Continue reading

What Mitch Hits Krank Formula 5 – 5 Degree Statistics Highest swing speed recorded: 152 mph Highest ball speed recorded: 218 mph Longest competitive drive: 479 yards Longdrive Accomplishments 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 RE/MAX World Long Drive … Continue reading

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Trevor “The Macho Man” Consavage Height: 6’ 4” Weight: 230 lbs What Trevor Hits Krank Formula 5 – 6 Degree Shaft – flex HOF Prototype 3X Statistics Highest swing speed recorded 146MPH Highest ball speed recorded 217MPH Longest competitive drive … Continue reading

Testimonial As a Long Drive Professional I strive for performance in my swing and in my equipment. And Krank raises the bar on performance and feedback with driver technology. Lower spin, consistant feel and explosive distance are the key factors … Continue reading

Testimonial “I started long drive in June 2013 with no experience. 3 months later I was at the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships competing with the best in the world. I had some Callaway X Hots that I hit pretty … Continue reading

Vincent “The Pasta Man” Ciurluini of Los Angeles, California has been a top competitor in the World Long Drive Championships for the past seventeen years. Competing against the best in the world, he has four Open Division top eight results … Continue reading