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Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver

The formula 6 has the latest ultra-hardened Forged Beta Titanium cupped face, Dual louver placement for increased stability in both toe and heel, increased body rigidity with M.E.T V-slot Technology within the soleplate, The result is the fasted ball speed head in the world and the straightest hitting golf driver head on the planet for every golfer at all swing speeds.

$599.00 $499.00

5.00 out of 5
Krank Golf Formula 6 Fairway Woods

The New Formula 6 fairway features an advanced max rigidity shape designed with a mid face, raised center crown helps to deliver maximum distance, and its new and improved MET V-Slot Tech increases the Power Transfer throughout the head and Gives off maximum speeds off the face for the longer hitting shot!

$399.00 $299.00

5.00 out of 5
Krank Golf Formula 6 Hybrid Irons

The Formula 6 Rescue features an advanced max rigidity shape designed with a mid face, raised center crown helps to deliver maximum distance, and its new and improved MET V-Slot Tech increases the Power Transfer throughout the head and Gives off maximum speeds off the face for the longer hitting shot!

$379.00 $279.00

5.00 out of 5

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Hear what our customers have to say!

Just bought a Formula 5 from Krank preowned. Played my 1st 18 holes with it today. Great club. Gained extra yards, dispersion was tighter than the big names and the feel was better than other drivers I have owned. I'm sold on your product.
W.B. Neal
Formula 6 Driver
On Monday the 10th of August 2015 I was playing Twin Hills Country Club in Coventry Ct with Justin Nelson and his brother Jarod. We teed off at 0930. The 3rd hole is a 599 yards par 5 down hill. I took the head cover off my Krank Formula 6 and was ready to Grip it and Rip it, my partners said it was OB on the right, great I thought knowing that if I over swing I'll be OB. Well I absolutely crushed my drive leaving me with under 200 yards to the green. The 5th hole, 502 yards, had a bottle-neck fairway, with very little room for error. Another crunched drive leaving me 140 to the green. I can't even begin to tell y'all just how great I was feeling with Kranks F 6 as my driver. Don't get me wrong I liked my old driver the Nike Covert but this Krank Driver is hands down 10 times the driver of any other on the market today. We made the turn, which brings me to why I'm writing this testimonial. We teed up on the 11th, a down-hill dog-leg left over trees and a pond. My partners all grabbed irons and headed towards the tee box. I asked isn't this a par 4 ? They said yes but they were going to play it safe. I asked for Jarod to point too where the green was. He pointed hit it over the middle pond and the trees and you will be heading towards the green. I said, "God hates a coward", so I grabbed my driver. They both hit nice lay-ups off the tee, now it was my turn. As I teed it up and was getting ready to tee off Jarod said aim a little more left, so I did. I took my F6 and hit a great drive right over the middle of the pond and over the towering trees. Both Justin and Jarod said that's right at the green. They drove to their drives and I went towards the green. I parked my cart about 30-40 yards away from the green and started looking for my ball, being I didn't see it on the green. They both hit their approach shots as I continued looking for my ball. After about 10 minutes of looking I said screw this ill just drop because I didn't want to hold up play. As I walked back to my cart Justin yelled out, what ball are you playing? I said a Callaway 3. He bent down and took a ball out of the cup, which I thought was his. He started jumping up and down screaming "You got a hole in one Brother"!! At first I thought he was breaking my balls so I ran down and said let me see the ball. He tossed it to me and it was my Callaway. I was in total shock as these two ran around hootin and hollerin. It was hard to tell who was more excited them or me. Thank You Krank Golf for making such a quality driver that makes the everyday golfer, drive like a pro! Respectfully Paul R. Bendler Jr.
Paul R Bendler Jr
Formula 6 7.5 46.5 Fujikura Inertia Tour Stiff Shaft
This is just a short note from someone who is always looking for an advantage over his playing partners to win more holes. I found that advantage with the Formula 6. I had previously found that advantage with a Bombtech Grenade, which is also an excellent driver, but my Formula 6 is longer and more consistently in the fairway for me. I have played about 9 rounds with my Formula 6, and I am consistently 1-2 clubs closer to the hole than with my Grenade, and I am more consistently in the fairway. In my last round, I found myself playing sand wedge into the green on 3 par 4's. I was pretty skeptical about the Formula 6, but the Krank Team's sales pitch and distance claims intrigued me, and now I cannot believe that I ever doubted them. If you want flash and marketing, buy a TaylorMade or a Callaway; if you want distance and fairways, buy a Krank.
Brian S.
Krank Formula 6 Driver
Ok all you Weekend warriors, Just an FYI for all to read. Played a private course this weekend in South Central , PA. Have bought the Krank 6 in a driver, 3 wood and hybrid. All have HOF shafts in them. The driver is by far the longest stick I have ever used. And I have played a ton, OEM's, After market, Small OEM and many more. This is about 20 -25 yards farther than anything I have hit. With all different upgraded shafts to match my swing, tempo, angle of attack. , ball flight , Spin, Smash factor, dispersion factor. Mis hits (toe and heel) . Just on one par five 540 yds long . Driver to 230 in. In a fairway bunker to boot. Took out the 16 hybrid and flew it onto the green 12 feet from the pin for eagle. So do your self a favor . Instead of that $500 TM ,Titleist, Adams, Mizuno,Callaway, off the rack. Get your self a Krank and let these guys fit you. And if your TRULY not farther with the Krank and can prove it on a launch monitor with verification I will buy your OEM off the rack from you. That is how much faith I have in this equipment. If they made a putter I would be sub par. LOL AND NO this is NOT an INFOMERCIAL> These are cold hard facts.
Don Matunis
Formula 6 Driver, 3 wood and hybrid
I had a Formula 5, loved it, then drifted away to a competitor.... I always found i was struggling with accuracy, while distance wise I have never really had a problem... With both this Driver and 3 wood, I have found it easy, I can swing as hard as I want and the ball stays straight. My 4 rounds I have played so far I have hit 90 percent of fairways. I have been impressed with how great it sets up for me, and also with the help that RJ and the guys gave me..... They actually talked me into trying the driver with a higher loft than I asked for, and I can hit it high, but also find it is just as easy to hit a low ball flight into a strong breeze.... So I will persist with the loft I have... The ball seems to just stay straight off the club, and the only fairways that were missed were from very poor swings on my part.... It really is just a long driver and 3 wood which is easy to hit.... Thanks guys!!!
Cam Mernone
Krank Formula 6 driver and 3 wood...
As a self-professed golf equipment addict, I am always tinkering with the clubs in my bag. When I came across Krank Golf on Facebook, I thought the propaganda sounded "too good to be true." Oh man, was I wrong...the results I received from the F6 driver with Inertia Tour Lite firm shaft are no less than spectacular! I received the club on Friday and took it out on the course on Sunday. Almost immediately, I was struck by how solid the club head felt and sounded. Then? The performance blew me away! On a par five hole playing about 495 yards from the blue tee, I launched the ball straight down the middle. When I reached the ball, I used my range finder to discover I had 128 yards to the center of the green. Granted, we had a gentle helping breeze, but OMG, I bombed that drive! While the sheer length is impressive, I am completely amazed at how the dispersion pattern of the ball directing has been tightened up. I usually head a draw or, worse, a hook. With this driver set up, my ball was heading straight as an arrow. I LOVE this club and would highly recommend it to all golfers.
Ronald H
Formula 6 Driver
All I can say is wow! I have hit Nike, Mizuno, and Titleist in the past, and at the time , I loved them all. When i picked up my first Krank Formula 5 driver about a year and a half ago, i was BLOWN AWAY with how easy it was to hit, and how straight and far the ball went. So, naturally, I picked up the Formula 6 the minute I heard that it was available. AS impressed as I was with the F5, the F6 was a whole other step forward. The sound is amazing, the feel and control.. its like I'm hitting a short iron, and talk about confidence at set up. If Krank ever makes a driver that beats the F6, all I can say is put me on the list for that one too! I'm a lifer.. Krank 4 Life!!
Thomas David
i have been playing my formula 6 for approx 3 months and nothing has changed except i am still hitting it to places on the course i have never been to. every hole plays 30-80 yards shorter depending on my swing. i played today at a course i haven't played since having my formula 6 and 2 holes in a row i have never been to the 100 yard marker and both of them i was 65-70 yards out. i highly recommend
Cody Chatelain
Formula 6 Driver
First let me say how beautiful my new Formula 6 driver is. I received it a couple days ago and went to the driving range today to try it out. I was a little hesitant because I've never bought a club especially a driver without ever hitting it. I then hit it "OMG" I absolutely love it. My ball flight was piercing through the sky ( and these were range balls). I can't wait for my 3wood please rush it when it comes in. I'm interested in some hybrids and my fiancé is asking me what I would like for my upcoming birthday!!
A Tejada
Formula 6 Driver
As a professional Long Driver and Trick Shot artist, I need to have a club that is not only long but reliable. I’ve found that directly with the new Formula 6 driver! I’ve used a competitor’s driver for the last 2 years, and when I swung the Formula 6 for the first time, the advantages were instantly visible! This head is crazy long, and unbelievably straight; and the forgiveness on the miss hits are unlike anything I’ve experienced! I would highly recommend this driver to any level of golfer! All of my friends, family, and people that come to my exhibitions have commented on the sleekness of the design of this head and marvel at the consistency this driver offers!
Patty Cocherl
Formula 6 Driver / Paddy Whack Golf
I finally played with my new driver and I was killing it. I am so happy with my driver and my buddys noticed a big difference!!
A Tejada
Formula 6 Driver
I don't know if was the excitement of getting the new F6, or the extra power this driver has in it! Went to the range very first day and put balls out there consistently 15-20% further than my previous"favorite" driver. I think I have a new favorite in my bag!
J Hollenbeck
Formula 6 Driver
I went out this week and played 18 at one of the local courses. The driver was amazing! In fact on one par four I hit the longest drive I have ever hit. I couldn’t believe how far the ball went. My son and I paced it off from the flag back to my ball just to make sure. I hit a whopping 350 yards. This driver is incredible. I was hitting 300 plus yard drives on every par 4 and par 5. And accuracy was amazing, in the short grass all day long. Thank you guys for making such a great piece of equipment!!!!
M Erickson
Formula 6 Driver
I just played a round with my new f6 driver and was flying the ball over 320 miss huddling over 250 and my longest was over 340 this driver is No joke best driver I have ever hit.
K Case
Formula 6 Driver
MY krank driver took awhile to get here, but was well worth it when it arrived, it goes at least 20-40 yards longer my 1st time out, and I only expect it to get better. I have never had a ball flight like this before and it just goes and goes the sweet spot is smaller than what I am used to but I hit the sweet spot 13 out of 17 times in 27 holes and the shortest 1 in the sweet spot was 315 yards on a windy day in Utah. Anyway I think they made a driver so good I don't see my self hitting my 3 wood unless it is 2 short of a par 4 to use driver or unless there is a par 5 650+ yards. Great job krank golf and THANK YOU RJ Pettis.
C Chatelain
Formula 6 Driver
I got my Formula 6 today! I personally didn't think I could ever hit a ball as far as I am now had to of gained at least 25-35 yards easily if not more. Not only did I gain A LOT OF DISTANCE I notice a huge gain in accuracy also. It's extremely high quality and I am very pleased with the feel I mean when I hit it I almost feel like quoting the HULK After every swing. The customer service and sales members I spoke with were supuberd. Thanks for the awesome club. I know where I'll get my next driver. BIG THANKS TO R.J., GLENN, and the rest of the Krank Golf Team! P.S. I don't normally do reviews but this is a well deserved one.
R Pitnick
Formula 6 Driver
The Formula 6 is the absolute most badass prettiest looking driver Ive ever seen! Love the lime green and matte black color. Cant wait til my order comes in:D customer service was above and beyond as well.
J Nehis
Formula 6 Driver
I love the club. I just can't find a range to practice on without getting myself into trouble. The longest driving ranges near by seem to be 300 yards or less. So basically I'm putting balls into homes, highways, or other golfers on the course. Wups. I typically have to wait until I am out on the course to determine my driving distances. Only 5 rounds in and I already lost count of all the 350+ drives. Had a couple over 370 as well. As a reference, I bought the King Cobra Bio Cell plus last year and was getting 330 yards consistently. Still love that club... But the Formula 6 is definitely out performing it now.
K Smith
Formula 6 Driver
My Krank Formula 6 Driver is stealthy and responsive. The ball vaporizes off of the face of the club and has increased my yardage by 15-20 yards compared to my Formula 5. Everyone that has seen the club is totally impressed with the quality and design. The Fujikura XX Flywire shaft is light and has perfect synergy with my swing speed and the Element 6 head design. Anyone that has seen the club remarks that this Driver is truly a work of art. I would like to personally thank the Krank staff for their expertise and professionalism. Once again Krank has proven that they are the elite clubmakers in the marketplace.... I can speak with total confidence about my Krank Driver and will continue to do so.
D Frank
Formula 6 Driver

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